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Well, all good things must come to an end.  I've put on a large show for 10 years straight (4 in Grand Harbor and 6 here in The Retreat) but I can't ignore safety concerns.  Unfortunately, a residential house with a busy street in front of it with a crazy Christmas display that entices everyone to get out of their car, come up the driveway and enjoy, is just not safe for children.  For anyone for that matter.  We had another close call last year with a little boy and a car.  Even though I was walking in front of the car and the driver was alert and following my instructions, a little boy darted in from the side and it was a very close call.  It scared me.  Anyhow, my wife and I have had MANY discussions about this (you know I don't want to quit) but the reality is I don't want to see anyone hurt because of something I've done.  I've had a LONG successful run, I've had a TON of fun and I've enjoyed meeting a lot of people but mostly I've enjoyed watching people watch my display.  It's very satisfying knowing you've made someone happy and maybe put a little smile on their face.  Oh yeah, I'm still going to decorate but it won't be a show.  Tamra retired June 30th of this year so we are hitting the road with the RV and we're going to see some amazing Christmas displays that I haven't been able to see before.  Thank you to everyone that has come out to the display, thank you to everyone that donated food to the food bank, thank you neighbors for putting up with me and I wish the best to all of you!

Note:  There will not be a food drive this year.  Thank you!


We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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We had the privilege of being invited by Jon Hotchkiss, Executive Producer for The Learning Channel, to be on his Christmas show, Invasion Of The Christmas Lights 2, which aired Saturday, December 4th, 2010.  This was our biggest year (filmed in December 2009)!
Click this link to see our 15 minutes of fame!!!!

TLC Dearing Dazzle Clip (20 Meg)


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Flying Reindeer, Fan, and Driveway Arches - Click Here!

Technical Difficulties - Click Here!

Wizards In Winter Fireworks (Live!) - Click Here!

Garden Train Demo - Click Here!

Snow Machine In Action - Click Here!

Dearing Dazzle Pumpkin Patch (yes, we get spooky at Halloween!)

Halloween Fire Machines In Action - Click Here!

Halloween ICKY - Click Here!

Halloween Icky Scaring Little Girl - Click Here!

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**********     In memory of Super Elf Chuck     **********

March 7, 1956 to December 13, 2010
The world has lost a great man and one of the best holiday decorators in the world.
We miss you!


(This is a really nice family oriented web site with cookie recipes, games for children, projects for children, and Santa, Elf and Reindeer info.  Check it out!!!)

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